Section 1

Hardware and physical systems

  1. Additional hardware tuning (also known as "overclocking") is not acceptable on our services without prior consent.
  2. Attempts to change, gain unauthorized access or disable any out-of-band access is strictly prohibited.
  3. Using our machines in a way that results in any "crypto mining" gain is prohibited without prior consent.
Section 2

Network and data flow

  1. We maintain control over our network, infrastructure and devices. Some of our devices may be controlled by data centers (upstreams) where we lease cabinet space and/or bandwidth as such we control your data and the data that flows on any systems maintained by us.
  2. You and/or customers (players) that connect through our network to access or distribute content are prohibited from obtaining and/or redistributing any unlawful materials, including but not limited to child pornography, intellectual property and/or unlawful hate-speech materials.
  3. Any use of "bandwidth mining" technologies falls under Section 1.3 and is not prohibited.
  4. IPTV (and/or any other media distribution services) is not prohibited on our network without prior consent and valid/current video streaming licenses for the content you are distributing.
Section 3

Lawful usage

  1. We abide by the "law of the land" your usage must abide by this convention based upon the geographical location your service is run.
  2. You are not to store, redistribute or harbour content that is unlawful, this includes but is not limited to protected material by copyright, trademark, trade secrets and/or any other intellectual property laws applicable in the country of operation.
  3. You are prohibited to use our service(s) for any illegal activities, this is includes but is not limited to denial of service attacks (DDoS) and/or protection of sites advertising such services.
Section 4

Operational security

  1. All systems on our network assume allow-list access methods. You must not attempt to gain unauthorized to our systems, other customer systems and/or external systems (regardless of if on our infrastructure). This also extends to attempting to gain access to expired or suspended products (regardless of reason).
  2. A user must not circumvent (also known as "hacking" or "cracking") any authentication method or security of any network, host or customer account. This extends to the temporary (or permanent) disruption to services known as DDoS attacks, see Section 3.3.
  3. No unauthorized access and/or use of data, systems or network including attempts to scan, test or circumvent. You are not to test the vulnerability of any system without prior consent from us and any involved provider(s).
Section 5

Restricted access

We reserve the right to restrict access to your service in the form of artificial network limitations and temporary (or permanent) suspensions in order to maintain a high service quality.

Some ways we may restrict your service are as follows (this is not an exhaustive list):

  1. Applying software limits to specific ports to reduce traffic of individual services.
  2. Temporary termination of services.
  3. Permanent termination of services and customer relations.

Please see conventions for "fair-use" and abuse of resources in Section 6, 7. These agreements may be revised at any time without prior notice to customers.

Section 6

Abuse of resources

Some services will reference "shared" (also known as fair-use) this introduces a varying degree of combined resources. Where possible we aim to balance our nodes fairly to ensure everyone is able to take full advantage of their service.

Abuse of resources is described as any activity (intentional or not) that consumes sufficient shared resources causing a degregation in service for other clients or equiptment.

We will aim to resolve any cases of abuse through remidal action via a ticket with the client. We hold the right to suspend and in extreme cases terminate if corrective actions are not followed.

Cloud Instances; vCPUs (listed as fair-use) are shared between small groups of customers on any given node. Where reasonable clients must not use 90% or more of their allocated vCPUs consecutively for over 1 hour. In cases where a client has consistent usage of their allocated vCPU they may be requested to upgrade to a dedicated vCPU plan.

Section 7

Unmetered solutions

For Bare Metal services provided with unmetered bandwidth, we expect customers to adhere to a "fair-use" bandwidth approach. While we won't charge for network usage, if we detect excessive use such as continuous high-volume or irrelevant traffic (for instance, continuous speed tests), we reserve the right to impose rate limits and communicate with the client (as described in Section 6).

If a client requires reserved bandwidth, we will offer a quote based on current market rates. This ensures sufficient networking capacity for all customers. For dedicated servers, sustained or consistent usage over 1 Gbps 95th percentile is generally considered the upper limit for fair-use bandwidth.

Cloud and Virtual servers operate under a similar fair-use model, with network ports shared among all customers on a node. We may enforce rate limits on virtual port usage if we observe sustained high usage beyond reasonable fair-use. For cloud instances, sustained or constant usage over 35Mbps/GB 95th percentile is typically seen as the upper limit for fair-use bandwidth.

DDoS Protected Transit offered by our external partners is billed independantly. 30TB/mo is included within your service quote for bare metal services (unless specified otherwise) any additional excess is billed at £3.15/TB/mo unless agreed upon with your account/sales rep.

It is important to refrain from using "unmetered bandwidth" in a way that disrupts other customers on the network under any circumstances.

Section 8

TOR and Anonymity Networks

We believe in the right to an open and free internet, and we understand some clients may use our service to provide a level of anonymity.

You are permitted to run TOR nodes on our services. Any or all abuse emails relating to your service will be forwarded to you via email (or a ticket), and a prompt response is expected. For TOR in particualr you can find some common/best practices for these responses here.

We are always happy to assist you with any abuse-related queries; if you require further assistance, we ask you to open a ticket with our support team.


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