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  1. The scope of our services (and support) is dependent on the description at the time of placing the order.
  2. Scaleblade holds the right to increase, update, decrease or otherwise modify the price of any services giving any affected customers at least 30 day(s) notice of the change.
  3. All services offered by us are assumed to be offered as a minimum rental service of 1 (one) month unless otherwise specified. Automatic extension of the agreement is assumed unless specifically opted out.
  4. Any services marked as "instant deployment" are automatically delivered within 15 minutes of your payment being confirmed. Any services that require additional setup may take up to 48 (working) hours.
  5. We aim to offer a reliable service, this includes uptime. If there is an outage or an issue with your service you're entitled to compensation in accordance to our Service Level Agreement.
Section 2

Support tickets

  1. Our standard operating hours are 9am-6pm (United Kingdom, London). Ticket response times outside of these hours for non-critical issues may be slower.
  2. We expect our staff and support assistance to be treated with respect. Any abuse towards our team will result in service termination.
Section 3


  1. For an account to have the ability to deploy an hourly billed service it must have valid billing credentials and payment method linked as well as at least 1 initial payment for credit of £5 or greater.
  2. Payment for cloud and application deployments is taken on a usage basis. The value is calculated to the nearest hour (upwards) and invoiced to your account no later than 5 days before the end of each calendar month.
  3. The end user is able to top up (or prepay) a credit balance to avoid using billing quota.
  4. Any service purchased through our Metal Deployment platform is subject to a pay-up-front policy. This cost is pro-rata'd for the duration of the calendar month. If you are purchasing a service within 7 days of the end of that calendar month your invoice will be pro-rata'd for the 1st of the following month.
  5. Scaleblade reserves the right to work with external partners in order to collect on outstanding invoices and any debt owed. These external partners may not be limited to the United Kingdom but can and will also extend to other countries we operate and offer services within.
Section 4

Physical Systems and Failure

  1. We are responsible for the physical security of any devices hosted on our network. You are not entitled to any physical access to any of our facilities at any time unless given written consent at least 7 working day(s) in advance.
  2. We use the best hardware on the market however as with all storage and data devices they can sometimes fail. We are not responsible for keeping additional backups of customer data, we suggest you use the 3-2-1 backup model and have at least 1 off-site backup.
  3. Scaleblade may offer backups on an individual basis, however we can not be held responsible for not having copies/backups of your data.
  1. You confirm that all data given to us is valid and correct.
  2. You are required to keep any personal data regarding billing, residence or account holder up to date where possible for both billing and tax reasons.
  3. If you're younger than 13, you must have written permission from your parents/carer to make a purchase or register for any solutions offered by Scaleblade.
  4. If our servers or services are used to conduct unlawful or host illegal content/activities we will suspend your service immediately and no refund of payments will be given. We also reserve the right to take legal action and/or work with cybercrime enforcement agencies to report any crime(s) committed.
  5. If you believe our service is being utilised by a customer not abiding by our Acceptable-usage policies you can report this via our Abuse Contact. If this activity is illegal we ask you to open an enquiry with your local police office after notifying us of the abuse.
Section 6

Invoicing and Billing

  1. We operate our billing cycle on a month start-end arrangement.
  2. Invoices will be generated on the 1st for any active services used in the previous month. Services marked for cancellation will not be invoiced for.
  3. Scaleblade withholds the right to suspend or terminate any service due to an overdue balance or outstanding contract in collections.
  4. You are expected to pay invoices within 7 days of issue unless an alternative billing arragnement has been agreed upon with your account manager.
  5. Unpaid services will be suspended on the due date of an invoice at 00:01 GMT.
  6. Unpaid services will be terminated and any data will be irreversibly wiped 24 hours after the due date at 00:01 GMT.
  7. Any balance overdue will incur late-fees and interest.
Section 7

Refunds and returns

  1. By purchasing any service you waive your right to a withdrawal once your service is activated and used for the first time.
  2. We offer a 48 hours returns policy across all of our services, this refund is at the discretion of Scaleblade and will not be granted in cases of abuse.
  3. In the case where your service has an one-time setup or application fee we may only be able to offer a partial refund.
Section 8

Third Party ToS

  1. When you agree to our Terms of Service and place an order, you also agree to the payment providers Terms of Service which can be found on the applicable providers website for your geographical location (Stripe, Paypal and Coinbase Commerce).

All prices are exclusive of VAT (20%) where applicable.

We aim to provide simple yet elegant hosting solutions using high-performance and scalable hardware that disrupt the market offering affordability and quality.

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