Service Level Agreement Acreditation

The client must report any SLA claim no later than (48) hours after the occurance of the incident. SLA credits and credit-rate is up to the discretion of Scaleblade in good faith with supported records, data and other evidence. The following provisions are the client's sole claimables against a service outage or related incident unless specified otherwise via an official channel of communication (ticket, email or text notification).

The client is only applicable for SLA acreditation for interruptions not scheduled at least (6) hours in advance. Typically we aim for (10-14) days notice before performing disruptive maintenance, we ask for understanding that some services changes may be business or security critical. Acreditiation can only be claimed if an unscheduled outage exceeds (5) consecutive minutes in length, credit can be claimed hourly for the duration of the outage negating the initial (5) minute grace period up to a maximum of (48) hours.

Acreditation for partial-outages (outages that do not result in a service being inaccessible or unreachable) are not applicable. This includes partial outages to customer service and billing portals. In the case where invoices are near due-date and an outage to our billing services occur, automatic suspension will be paused and clients notified to prevent accidental service disruption.

Invoice Credits

SLA credits will be given in the form of account balance that is applicable on future bills/services on the platform. Credit can be earned at a rate of (2.0%) per hour for services billed monthly or (2x) your hourly rate for cloud and on-demand services up to a maximum of (48) hours; any outage surpassing 48 hours can be claimed at the same rate every (12) hours up to a maximum of (7) days. You can only earn credits on affected services, for example if you have (50) services and (1) is affected by an outage then you can only claim SLA for the single service affected not your accounts total hourly or monthly value.

For an outage that exceeds 48 hours in length, it is expected that alternative hosting solutions will be offered free of charge for the duration of the outage along with any applicable SLA credit earnt up till that time. If you choose to take the temporary hosting solution your SLA acreditation is paused. These situations are extremely rare and are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

The client is responsible for making its own backups and recovery pipelines. We will not serve SLA for actions made by the customer causing in disruption or data loss. If you are unsure or unable to responsibly backup your data then we suggest making use of our in-house snapshot tools for cloud services.

Terms of Application

SLA can be claimed for issues relating to network or hardware within one of our sites. In cases where the client is with us for colocation we can not be held responsible for hardware failure on these devices.

You acknowledge that there may be events beyond our control that may affect the performance of this agreement. Such events may include, but are not limited to, acts of God, natural disasters, war, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, labor strikes, and any other events that are beyond the reasonable control of Scaleblade (formally known as, "Force Majeure Events").

In the event of a Force Majeure Event, Scaleblade will be excused from performing its obligations for permitting SLA at the set rate for the duration of the Force Majeure Event. Scaleblade aims to work together with clients to minimize the impact of the Force Majeure Event and SLA will be calcuated and accredited based upon the inherited agreements of upstream providers.


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