Section 1

Account Standing

Scaleblade may identify your account as "at-risk" and put it into bad standing. Depending on the risk factor you may be limited on the type of service you can deploy.

Account standing is calculated for all projects owned by one account.

New accounts will be given a 14-day grace period where they will be classed as "at-risk". New accounts can bypass this 14-day restriction by opening a support ticket and completing a identity check with a form of Government ID.

You can view your account status at any time by visiting your account information page.

Section 2

Incident Procedure

An incident is an event in which your service/account is flagged up for one of the following (including but not exclusively):

  1. Abuse report against your service or assosiated ips.
  2. Reported unauthorized access or comprimised service.
  3. Internal (or external) outbound DDoS Attacks or large scale network-port scanning.
  4. Reports of illegal or copyrighted content being hosted on the service.
  5. Any (non-specific) violation of our TOS or AUP.

Depending on the severity of the flagged action, we may choose to suspend your service until you address the incident to protect other customers and networks.

Scaleblade holds the right to share data regarding abuse or incident reports with third-parties in order to better improve anti-fraud/abuse systems.

Section 3

Service Restrictions

When your account is in a state of bad-standing the type of restrictions you will recieve (per service type) will vary depending:

Cloud Services
  1. Virtual port-speed restricted or suspended.
  2. Maximum number of deployable cloud instances enforced.
  3. Blocked deployment of new cloud instances (in the event of outstanding Incident against your account/project).
Virtual Dedicated/Bare Metal
  1. System port blocked or suspended.
  2. Blocked deployment of instant deployment machines.
  3. Pending hardware upgrades placed on-hold.

All prices are exclusive of VAT (20%) where applicable.

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